April 18, 2016

Silicon is most prominent in earth materials.It is mostly insoluble.How it could be formed from big bang gas?

The second most abundant element on Earth, silicon is found in everyday materials like sand, clay, granite, and many minerals. As a raw material, it is extremely useful. Some products are built from silicon in its elemental state. For example, a small wafer of highly purified silicon is found in virtually every computer. Typically, silicon is processed in a number of ways to create a huge family of products, including building materials, lubricants, silicone sealants, and silicone adhesives.
Silicones represent a huge group of products that share useful common traits like stability at high temperatures and resistance to age, sunlight, moisture, temperature extremes, and exposure to chemicals.
The aim of the question is to know:Whether Stable elements were formed from unstable actinides and langthinides or the other way from stable H,He to lanthinides and actinides etc.



After the Big Bang, most elemental matter was in the form of hydrogen, the most basic element. Over time, these stellar gas clouds grew denser because of gravity and formed what we know to be stars. Stars fuse hydrogen throughout their lifetimes and form heavier elements as byproducts, including helium and silicon. In fact, all of the heavy elements we have on Earth came from the furnaces within stars. This is where the silicon came from.


Silicon was not formed directly after the big bang. After the big bang, pretty much the only material in the universe was Hydrogen. This Hydrogen coalesced into stars and began to fuse into heavier and heavier elements. Eventually, heavy enough nuclei were fused together to form Silicon.
The vast majority of all observable matter in the universe is still in the form of Hydrogen, the heavier the nuclei, the harder it is the produce with in a star and the rarer it is in the universe.


It is not true that silicon is mostly insoluble. The aqueous form of silica is a tetrahedron (four sided pyramid) with silica in the center and four hydroxyls at the corners. The big bang, according to current thought, is not about creating heavier molecules, those are thought to occur in supernova explosions, but about the formation of the first elementary particles from whatever they were formed from, probably huge amounts of energy.

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