April 18, 2016

Please help me with my circle graph?

Can you please explain to me how can you convert this information into a cirle graph? Show me your work if possible? Like, how do I find out how what the percentage is and how many degrees it would be on a circle graph?

Q: A fully developed set of human teeth includes the following:
Incisors: 8
Canines: 4
Bicuspids: 8
Molars: 12

Thank you in advance!



add all number = 32

32 is equivalent to 360 degrees


32/number of ceratin teeth = 360/angle of the ceratin teeth


teeth angle = 360*number of teeth/32

incesors = 360*8/32 = 90 degrees

Canines = 360*4/32 = 45 degrees

Bicuspids = 360*8/32 = 90 deg

Molars = 360*12/32 = 135 deg


you have 32 teeth total, so 32 teeth are equal to 100% of your circle. Now you have to find out what percent each tooth type is. To do this use the equation (# of teeth) X 100 = ? , then divide that number by 32.

So for incisors 8 X 100 = 800, and 800 divided by 32 = 25, so incisors is 25%

Then to find how many degrees that is, a circle is made up of 360 degrees. so you need to find 25% of 360. Turn 25% into .25 and use the equation .25 X 360 =? , the answer is 90 and you can use a 90 degree angle to draw your first area for incisors, which is also one quarter of a circle (or 25% of a circle, splitting a circle into 4 equal parts)

Continue to do this for the other 3

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