How to Questions and Answers About Science

I’m doing a research project on Mars; *Please Help*?

I need some websites that have proof of there information; Example; NASA. Example of no proof ; Wikipedia.

In 1980 I was 16yrs old & my dad was 20yrs old.How old was my dad in 1997?

put in mind the possibility of my dad being born during a leap year!

Voyager1 what is its shell temperature?

will it get colder once it hits interstellar space? if so will it get smaller denser? so 3.15 deg to go?

What is the balanced chemical equation for SO2 + H20 —-> ?, and why.?

Based on the first 2 answers, I would appreciate some real help thanks. Martin S, thanks for the Jesus Saves website but I’m not really sure what religion has to do with science……next.

Please help me with my circle graph?

Can you please explain to me how can you convert this information into a cirle graph? Show me your work if possible? Like, how do I find out how what the percentage is and how many degrees it would be on a circle graph? Q: A fully developed set of human teeth includes the following:…

Have any people survived direct hit lightning strikes?

It seems that more people that are hit by lightning survive than die (although they are usually severely injured). Is this because they didn’t take a direct hit, but were in the vicinity that the lightning bolt struck? Has there been any instances of a person surviving a direct hit?

what is the integral of (1-x)^(1/3)?

what is the integral of (1-x)^(1/3)?

Math Question, kinda have me confused?

I did math like this before, but i recently went back to school and forgot alot of the math i did, so question is: To maintain proper humidity, an attic should have 8.95 x 10^2 cm2 of ventilation for every 27.0 m2 of floor area. How much ventilation is needed for your building? did the…

what value of ‘x’ is the expression undefined: x 4/x2-25

what value of ‘x’ is the expression undefined: x 4/x2-25

Easy derivatives question?

Let the function f(x) have the property that f'(x) = (x+5)/(x-5). If g(x) = f(x^2) find g'(x). Please show work :)