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math help?? show your work?

Mr and Mrs. Zaragosa are planning a landscape garden for their new house. They have set a budget of $200 for native grasses, at 12$ each, and flowering plants, at $8.50 each. let n be the number of grasses let p be number of flowering plants – Define the domain for variables n and p….

Physics help needed please…thx?

If air at 35°C and 75% relative humidity  is cooled to 25°C,  what mass of water would condense  out of the air in a room that  measures 5m by 4m by 3m? 

If someone blew up one of Saturn’s moons, what crime would they be charged with?

Is there a law against damaging or destroying natural bodies of the solar system?

How does lipase help to neutralize an acidic solution? Is lipase basic?

Is lipase a basic solution? Background info for this question: I am writing up a lab for biology and it is about fat digestion using lipase, what we did was add sodium carbonate to milk (and in some cases we added bile too). I had been writing in my lab that the reason why the…

How does elevated homocysteine contribute to atherosclerosis?

How does elevated homocysteine contribute to atherosclerosis?

slope equals rise over….what?

slope equals rise over….what?


Please show your work on how to get the correct answer. Thanks! The mathematical object { 2.4(k)^2 } (? at the top ; k=1 at the bottom) is a: options: a) divergent sequence b) convergent sequence c) convergent series d) divergent series

Can someone explain why astronauts train for space in swimming pools, do they expect to find fish up there?

I never understood the whole reason of why train in a swimming pool, i spend lots of time in swimming pools so i guess i’m ready for outer space.

Do butterflies come out in the rain?

Do butterflies come out in the rain?