How to Questions and Answers About Science

Could the atmosphere of Mars be trapped inside volcanic rocks from the time Mars was geologically active?

And of so how would we be able to find that out? I don’t mean all the atmosphere but traces of the atmosphere.

Can someone please help me figure out this basic radians question?

I’m trying to convert degrees into radians. I know that you multiply the degrees by pi/180. So for example, I have 30 degrees I would do 30 degrees X pi/180 = my answer. What I cannot figure out is how to actually do that multiplication????????????????? I tried dividing pi by 180 then multiplying it, but…

Why is the leader of North Korea so pitifully stupid??????

The leader of North Korea reminds me of a 2 year old child who needs attention so he is sitting in his front yard with several sticks of dynamite and some matches, carelessly light the fuses on the sticks of dynamite and tossing the lit dynamite sticks around the yard.

under what conditions does a burning charcoal react faster, in air or in pure oxygen?

under what conditions does a burning charcoal react faster, in air or in pure oxygen?

Help with Empirical and Molecular formula ! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?

A 0.539 g sample of a compound that contained only carbon and hydrogen was subjected to combustion analysis. The combustion produced 1.64 g of carbon dioxide and 0.807g of water. Calculate the percentage composition and the empirical formula of the sample

please factor: 3×2-6x 4x-8

please factor: 3×2-6x 4x-8

Would the dark side of the Moon be a good place to set up a telescope?

I figure that the constant darkness and lack of light pollution would make the Moon an ideal spot for a large telescope, what do you think? Would a telescope the size of the Palomar Observatory be a good size for the Moon? Here is N.A.S.A.’s plan. Tina L : These is no reason…