How to Questions and Answers About Science

Laws of motion (constraint) problem?

ques-force F is aplplied on upper pulley.If F=30t where t is time in second.Find the time when m1 loses contact with the floor diagram——-

Mitosis and Meiosis?

How does Mitosis and Meiosis work? If someone could explain this really easily becuase i am only in highschool then that would be appreciated. Thanx

Do animals have a sense of humour?

As an example, would a dog dig up another dog’s bone and bury it elsewhere as a joke?

What should I put in a presentation about EMS to high school students?

I am a member of a rescue squad and was offered the ability to go speak to a high school health class. I am unsure as to which direction or topic I should discuss…suggestions please…

I need 2 examples for the following math question?

Two set of functions like this: f(x) derivative of g(x)? Thanks

Sequence formula for the following sequence?

0, 3/5, 8/10, 15/17. 24/26 Yesterday i spent over an hour trying find that sequence formula can anyone help me out? If it continued the sequence between 3/5 and 8/10 being .20 it would be easily solve but the other terms really throw me out, anyone can help me here? Moon thanks for your input…

How to get a internship with Wall Street?

I recently got my bachelors at fiu now I’m in the process to get my masters . After that I want to work in wall streets what steps do I take.

Calculus help with marginal cost?

A company estimates that the marginal cost (in dollars per item) of producing x items is 1.93 ? 0.002x. If the cost of producing one item is $568, find the cost of producing 100 items. (Round your answer to two decimal places.)

What is behind the contagiousness of a yawn?

What is behind the contagiousness of a yawn?

Why’s watching Television so addictive?

Whereas reading books isn’t in general (no doubt there are some avid readers but I am talking about the majority).