April 18, 2016

Heard a theory that we don’t actually learn new things, it’s all already in our brains. Who’s theory is this?

This is about brain-base learning and educational psycology and philosophy.



it’s not already in our brains, the theory is crap.


Somebody who didn’t want to go to school.

natalie 1134

Probably Sally Struthers.


Who ever said it was full of it.


George W. Bush????…


It was Plato’s philosophy. Ya he said everything that we were gonna learn was already in our heads and when we think we learn something we are actually just remembering it from before.


This was a belief of Socrates the great philospher. For questions of this sort, Socrates raises a serious dilemma: how can we ever learn what we do not know? Either we already know what we are looking for, in which case we don’t need to look, or we don’t know what we’re looking for, in which case we wouldn’t recognize it if we found it.

The paradox of knowledge is that, in the most fundamental questions about our own nature and function, it seems impossible for us to learn anything. The only escape, Socrates proposed, is to acknowledge that we already know what we need to know. This is the doctrine of recollection, Plato’s conviction that our most basic knowledge comes when we bring back to mind our acquaintance with eternal realities during a previous existence of the soul.

The example offered is in the discovery of an irrational number, the square root of 2. Socrates leads an uneducated boy through the sophisticated geometrical demonstration with careful questions, showing that the boy somehow already knows the correct answers on his own. All of us have had the experience (usually in mathematical contexts, Plato believed) of suddenly realizing the truth of something of which we had been unaware, and it does often feel as if we are not really discovering something entirely new but rather merely remembering something we already knew. Such experiences lend some plausibility to Plato’s claim that recollection may be the source of our true opinions about the most fundamental features of reality. What is more, this doctrine provides an explanation of the effectiveness of Socratic method: the goal is not to convey new information but rather to elicit awareness of something that an individual already knows. Hope this helps!


I believe that is called the larrycurlymoe theory.


I don’t know the true answer, but the professor’s reply was magnificient!

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