April 18, 2016

do you think there is life after death?

do you think there is life after death?





Only in heaven.:)


no more life after death, and u can see that urself when someting is gone is gone 4ever


going back to the darkness i awaken from….maybe


yeah because after death we have our spirit that was spiritually living in the heaven….

natalie 0393

If You accept Christ and follow his ways, wehn he comes back.. he’ll take you to heaven…if ur dead or not.. if not.. ur going to hell.. so yes there is life after death. Accept Christ, its the best thing you can do./


i know there is….life doesn’t end….it changes


As Muslim, it’s a MUST

naomi j

According to my thoughts, and understanding of what I have put together about the universe, is that it never ends. My belief is that when a person ceases to exist, we are reborn somewhere else in the universe, such as in another galaxy. To me that is all that could happen. And just to say, people who believe in a heaven, there is no such thing. Cause if there was dont you think it would be way overcrowded. and that is only one of many reasons.


perhaps, maybe not your own though… it depends on your faith. pretty much whatever you believe right now is what you should just accept…. this is one of the unanswerable questions one should never dwell on… because simply noone really knows and whats the point… you either do or you dont…. but the reality is that you are alive now and enjoying life the best you can while it lasts is all you should think of…


In muslims,there are life after death.We are staying in our grave and SOMEONE will ask you.After THE END is over,everyone will be live again 400 years later and will be choosen which will be go to hell or heaven based on their goodness or badness.


Nobody knows so live your life accordingly and if you do it right one life is enough.We must leave to stay would be selfish and to want more life is greed for life.


There’s probably a Hell since so much stuff has gone wrong in most people’s lives and in the world in general it would be insanely optimistic to think that there isn’t one. Hell would just seem like the logical conclusion to working all your life, having health problems, marital problems. So if there is a Hell there must be a God that made it too I suppose.


no i would have had died and remeberd


Yes, each cell in your body is made up of material that was once a living thing and was recycled to be u. When u die you will be recycled to be some thing else. Actually u will be mixed in with many other some body else to make a new living creature. Now if you are talking about sole, or spirit, you are going into belief systems, However I believe that the answer would be yes because every thing in life is recycled, it is accepted fact that mater and energy never are created or destroyed they just change or are recycled into another form.

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