April 18, 2016

cos function problem? please help (MULTIPLE CHOICE)?

The time of sunrise, t hours on a given day of the year, d, is given by t = 2.65cos27((d + 11)/365) + 6.15. What time does the sun rise on may 23rd of the 143rd day of a non leap year?
a)3:49 AM
b)5:41 AM
c)7:32 AM
d)9:13 AM



We already know what to use for d (143), so we just plug this into the equation:

t = 2.65cos27((d + 11)/365) + 6.15
t = 2.65cos27((143+ 11)/365) + 6.15=8.74779372487496~9:13/14ish

So your answer is d)

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