April 18, 2016

cold water or hot water to induce bleeding ?

it was a argument me and a freind had. i thought the saying went,a warm bath and a razor blade.( after the montreal canadian loss )he said cold bath and a razor blade ,thus this thread.



cold water


cold water, definately


why would you want to do that?


depends on where you want to induce it, but hot water decreases blood pressure cold water increases it.

ont ush o udge

Hot. Cold causes blood vessels to constrict (get more narrow), while warm causes them to dilate (get wider). Greater bloodflow = more bleeding.

only 1

Cold water coagulates blood, and reduces blood flow. Hot water thins it, and can make blood flow more freely. Hot water would induce blood flow, useful if you were impaled by a rusty spike or something I guess.

p s

to induce means to stimulate

cold temperatures cause vasoconstricion (constriction of veins and arteries) reducing blood flow

hot temperatures cause vasodilation increasing blood flow

this is why ice packs are use for injuries, to reduce blood flow and therefore reduce bruising

So if your wanting to ‘induce’ or increase blood flow, the answer is HOT, NOT cold


why would you want to know that?

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