April 18, 2016

Anyone here ever survive a hippo attack?

is it just me or has Sanitizer’s avatar box lengthened?
where was that zoo again?
i heard that Hippos were the #1 cause of death by animal in Africa
fat guy in a bar..theres a punchline somewhere in there…



Yes at the bar he tried to kiss me i backed off he got mad went to punch a guy he ducked and hit the gal behind him…He was arrested later that night..True story by the way

old know all

Yes, once a bunch of hippies came running after me like a pack of crazed animals. They must have been smoking that ‘wacky weed ,”cause they sure did look mean. I tried to reason with them, but there was blood in their eyes. Anyway, I used a few kick boxing moves on them and karate chops….scared them away. By the way this was in front of the hippo cage at the zoo.


Yes.. I have but I was prepared…
I wore a bullet proof jacket and the hippo attacked me with a small handgun.


I saw a special on the Discovery Channel where a man was attacked by a hippo and he lost his arm in the attack but survived. So yes, people have survived hippo attacks just like people have survived shark attacks to in a similar vein. Hippos do account for more deaths than crocodiles in Africa so you did understand that correctly. Also the Cape Buffalo, or African Buffalo is considered one of the most dangerous animals for big-game hunters.

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