How to Questions and Answers About Science

Determine the length of the shortest altitude of a triangle whose sides measure 5,12, and 13?

Soo .. how do I do this without having it plotted on graph.. It really doesn’t make sense to me! :S Thanks

penicillin V potassium?

hi so i was just prescribed penicillin v potassium because of my scarlet fever. I have to take 2 pills 4 times a day for 10 days. But i dance every day for about 3 to 4 hours, and i was just wondering if physical activity was bad while taking this medication. thanks so much…

Can you simplify this? (Trigonometry)?

sin(?+?)/cos([?/2]-?) how do you reach a solution?? I was thinking you can use the trig identity tanx=sinx/cosx, but I’m not sure. Please help! Thanks!

cold water or hot water to induce bleeding ?

it was a argument me and a freind had. i thought the saying went,a warm bath and a razor blade.( after the montreal canadian loss )he said cold bath and a razor blade ,thus this thread.

A Basic Force Question?

A crate of mass 96 kg is pushed at a constant speed up a frictionless ramp (? = 29°) by a horizontal force F. The positive direction of an x axis is up the ramp, and the positive direction of a y axis is perpendicular to the ramp. (a) What is the magnitude of F?…

Silicon is most prominent in earth materials.It is mostly insoluble.How it could be formed from big bang gas?

The second most abundant element on Earth, silicon is found in everyday materials like sand, clay, granite, and many minerals. As a raw material, it is extremely useful. Some products are built from silicon in its elemental state. For example, a small wafer of highly purified silicon is found in virtually every computer. Typically, silicon…

do you think there is life after death?

do you think there is life after death?

What is beyond humans evolution?

Only 2 percent of the human genetic code is necessary for survival…. The rest is considered useless, its purpose yet to be discovered